About Us

Necessity is the mother of invention, and necessity is exactly where my story begins. IT'S IN THE MIX is a labor of love that was founded when I discovered that my grandson and neice were diagnosed with a gluten intolerance. As a family of dessert lovers, we simply couldn't find any GLUTEN-FREE baked goods that tasted like the home made dessert from our childhood. We felt challanged to create all things "rich and decadent" that anyone would love.   


My journey continued where my family baking left off.

I went to culinary school to pursue my vision: bring "Bakery-Style" GLUTEN-FREE Goodies to my family. My vision expanded when my "light-bulb" moment was...if they like it, everyone will....I found my sweet spot and MY COMPANY WAS BORN! 


Over the next few months I threw out more than not. Finally I felt satisfied with my findings: GREAT TASTE and GLUTEN-FREE all rolled into one!


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